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Message from the Director

J. Shayne Washington

The Student Success Center (SSC) is a unique, centralized shared resource that provides services for students in the School of Health Professions (SHP) and School of Nursing (SON). As the Director of the SSC, I work closely with faculty to help improve student success through comprehensive programming, maintaining partnerships with various agencies and businesses, and create programs to support efforts that increase student retention and develop ways that allow students to learn beyond the classroom.

J. Shayne Washington, EdD
Director of the Student Success Center

Contact Us

Student Success Center
P: 409-266-1800
1st Floor - Suite 1.8

"The Student Success Center has helped me academically by providing me more than enough resources that I could ever have which are very useful as well as providing tips, resources and how I can improve within the course and in how to take my exams. That is going to lead me into continuing my education at UTMB."

- Mikayla Courville, SON undergrad student

About Us

The Schools of Health Professions and Nursing collaborated to develop, implement, and fund a Student Success Center model. The SSC builds a deep and lasting bond between the students and the university. The center strengthens the support network for on-campus, distance, and hybrid students to meet their short and long-term academic goals. The SSC connects students to campus and community resources and services to help overcome barriers that interfere with academic success.

The Student Success Center (SSC) offers academic support services for students such as virtual, in-person, and "after-hours" appointments to accommodate students' schedules.

Mission & Vision

The Student Success Center (SSC) is committed to providing direction and support for students in the School of Health Professions (SHP) and School of Nursing (SON). The SSC will assist students in reaching their goals and enduring the quality of student life and learning. The SSC will focus on the combined efforts of academic support, non-academic advising, and retention.

Our vision is to foster an inclusive, welcoming environment to empower students to transition to UTMB successfully and as health care professionals.

Student Resources

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