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General Surgery Residency

General Surgery Residency On-Line Handbook

Resident Evaluation

Residents are evaluated after the completion of each rotation by faculty, co-residents, and other clinical staff including nurses. Residents will also evaluate faculty and their co-residents. Confidential messages directed to the Program Director can also be sent if desired by any individual. Evaluations are conducted via New Innovations, a web-based platform. These clinical evaluations are mandatory and are tracked for compliance.

All General Surgery Residents will take the American board of Surgery In-Training Examination (ABSITE) annually. Poor performance on this exam may predict future failure of the American Board of Surgery Qualifying Examination. Residents who do not achieve 30th percentile on this examination will be placed in a remediation program for improvement.

Our Clinical Competency Committee (CCC) meets monthly to discuss resident performance. Feedback from this committee is used to track resident performance via the ACGME Milestones, which assess resident performance of the ACGME’s six core competencies. These are discussed at semi-annual and annual reviews with the Program Director. Continued poor performance or failure to progress may warrant a resident improvement plan, extension of training, or potentially non-renewal.