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At the Division of Cardiology, we practice academic cardiology in the true sense of the word–the dynamic integration of clinical practice, research, and education into one compassionate and innovative patient-centered environment. The tradition started in 1891 when the Ashbel Smith Building (more commonly known as "Old Red") opened its door to clinicians, medical students and researchers as the oldest medical school in the state of Texas. Just next to Old Red was the original John Sealy Hospital, the university hospital of UTMB.

Grounded in this foundation, for us providing our patients with truly outstanding cardiology care goes hand-in-hand with excelling in cardiovascular research and education.

All of our cardiologists are engaged in cardiovascular education of medical students, nurses, health-care professionals, residents and fellows. Many participate in clinical and basic science research to discover and innovate. Insights acquired at the research bench are brought to the bedside, to improve the care of our patients. Today, we celebrate more than 120 years of excellence and continue to bring our knowledge, experience, innovation, and discovery to our patients.

Our inpatient care features state-of-the-art Cardiac Catheterization and Electrophysiology Laboratories, a cutting-edge Heart Station and Echo Lab, and an outstanding Coronary Care Unit and Step-down Unit.

If you need cardiac care, please explore our site to learn more about the cardiologists at UTMB Health. Contact us if you have questions; we stand ready to help. Call (409) 762-BEAT (2328).

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