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The UT System Proteomics Network
Welcome to The University of Texas Systems Proteomics Network

UTS Proteomics Network Mission

The mission of the Network is to advance science and improve the understanding of disease through the development, implementation, and advancement of proteomics through strategic investment in state-of-the-art technology, expert consultation, collaboration, and training.

About the UTSPN

The UT System Proteomics Network links the 6 health science campuses and 8 academic universities in a single network for enhancing the proteomics research capabilities across the state of Texas.

The Goals of the network are:

  • to provide scientists and researchers system-wide access to leading-edge technology, advanced methodologies and progressive technical and scientific expertise in proteomics
  • to develop cutting edge proteomics techniques for advancing research
  • to introduce UT system biomedical researchers to the uses of proteomics
  • to integrate the facilities across campuses to engage in large scale studies
  • to develop a sustainable funding model for proteomics facilities

Questions about Proteomics?

New to Proteomics? Go to the Education page for general information about proteomics.

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Institutions and cores supported by the Network include:


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