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Project 6: Ultrasensitive Antibody and Antigen Detection for Human EhrlichiosisProject Leader: Jere McBride (UTMB)

Investigators: J. McBride, R. Willson, D. Walker, J. Schmitz

Emerging tick-borne diseases such as human ehrlichiosis are difficult to detect and diagnose because sensitive and specific diagnostic tests for patient care and reference laboratory settings are not currently available. This project will develop an ultrasensitive diagnostic assay for human monocytotrophic ehrlichiosis so that early diagnosis can be made, and clinical intervention to eliminate the infection can be provided before life-threatening complications develop and hospitalization is required. The diagnostic assay will also enhance surveillance capabilities of for the public health community to more accurately predict risk of infection to susceptible individuals. This project will be performed in collaboration with the University of Houston and Vanderbilt University.

Project 6 Figure
Western Gulf Center of Excellence for Vector-Borne Diseases
Institute for Human Infections and Immunity