Basic Science Distinguished Seminar Series


“Microbiota-Rotavirus Interactions”

Andrew Gewirtz, Ph.D.
University Center Professor, Center for Inflammation, Immunity, & Infection
Institute for Biomedical Sciences, Georgia State University
Tuesday, February 9th at 12noon in 2.212 Basic Science Auditorium

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Reaching Out Across the Globe

Welcome to the UTMB Center for Tropical Diseases. I invite you to browse through our web pages and hope you will be challenged and encouraged by what you see. The CTD was established in 1994 through the remarkable vision and outstanding leadership of David Walker, former Chair of Pathology at UTMB. The Center has grown so that there are now more than 100 affiliated faculty at UTMB, and we have a large number of partners at international sites throughout the world.

The Center for Tropical Diseases is about people – people who are dedicated to the mission of impacting tropical diseases through research, education, and service, and people who will benefit from the application of this expertise. The Center includes a large cadre of investigators with demonstrated expertise in research or training in diseases that affect the tropics and resource-poor areas of the world. It is my hope that we collectively bring our intellect, expertise and compassion to those who most need it.

Peter C. Melby, M.D., Professor
Director, UTMB Center for Tropical Diseases
Dept. of Internal Medicine-Division of Infectious Diseases


ITS Precision Medicine/Outcomes Research
Due Date: February 22, 2016
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Taking UTMB around the world
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