Center for Tropical Diseases (CTD)

International Faculty by Country


Silvana Levis, PhD
Viral hemorrhagic fevers, including hantaviruses and arboviruses; Detection and identification of viral pathogens.


Maurício Lacerda Nogueira, PhD
Head of Laboratory of Virology; viral genetics, molecular biology, gene regulation, DNA replication and repair, genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics.


Lucy Ndip, PhD
Director, Laboratory for Emerging Infectious Diseases; Ecology and epidemiology causes of Acute Febrile Illness in Cameroon.


Juan David Rodas, DVM, PhD
Emerging and zoonotic infectious diseases in Columbia, including Leptopsirosis, Rickettsiosis and other rodent-borne viruses.


Loice Achieng, MBChB, MMED 
Outcomes of HIV treatment, linkage to care, adherence and retention in care; critical care in resource limited settings.

Evans Inyangala Amukoye, MD
Principal research officer in charge of the Centre of Respiratory Disease; Research in malaria, respiratory opportunistic diseases, pneumonia and Tuberculosis.

Jon Fielder, MD
Training in tropical infectious diseases, HIV and TB care.

Godfrey Lule
Clinical gastrointestinal infectious, HIV, and tropical infectious diseases.

Maribeth Maritem, MBChB
Clinical tropical infectious diseases.

Margaret Mbuchi, PhD
Immunopathogenesis of visceral leishmaniasis.

Phelgona Otieno, MBChB, MPH
Implementation research in childhood malnutrition; delivery of care to HIV infected children and orphans.

Monique Wassuna, MBChB
Diagnosis and treatment of leishmaniasis.


José Ramos-Castañeda PhD
Epidemiology, transmission, and host-pathogen interaction of dengue virus.

Jorge Zavala-Castro, MD, PhD
Epidemiology and transmission of rickettsial diseases.


Coralith Garcia, MD
Epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance and molecular characteristics of key bacterial microorganisms in the hospital and the community.

Eduardo Gotuzzo, MD
Director of the Humboldt Tropical Medicine Institute; Director of the renowned Gorgas Course in Clinical Tropical Medicine; HIV.

Andres G. (Willy) Lescano, MHS, MHS, PhD
Head, Department of Parasitology; Director, Public Health Training Program; Parasitic infections.

Alejandro Llanos, MD
Founder and Dean of Public Health School of the UPCH; Vector-transmitted diseases; Leishmaniasis; Malaria.

Theresa Ochoa, MD
Pediatric infectious diseases; pathogenesis and prevention of childhood malnutrition and diarrheal disease.

Martin Montes, MD
Immune response to Leishmania and helminth infections.

Carlos Seas, MD, FIDSA
Clinical and operational research in tuberculosis; clinical training in tropical medicine.