State Employee Charitable Campaign Come together for the greater good

  • Final week approaches for SECC 2017

    October 20, 2017, 15:34 PM by Eduardo Valdes

    SECC Chair Steve Campbell We have just completed our third full week of the campaign, and as of 10 a.m. today, have raised more than $330,000 thanks to the amazing generosity of more than 1,400 staff and faculty. We are well on our way to meeting our $550,000 goal, but with only a few days left to close the gap, I urge you to make your gift today. It’s easy and only takes a few clicks!

    My motivation? I see the difference that the organizations and charities make in our communities, the causes they advance, the impact they have on people’s lives, and the needs of those less fortunate that are met. One of the most gratifying aspects of being part of the campaign is hearing the many heartfelt stories of why our people give, and listening to the personal accounts of how people’s own families have benefited or been touched.

    Remember, in addition to the great feeling you get from the important support you’ll be providing, this year an online donation via payroll deduction (requires a $20 minimum gift) will earn you an additional 100 MB of email storage. We’ll also send you a small “thank you” via campus mail.

    Thank you to those who have already contributed, as well as to those who plan to do so. No gift is too small; every donation is welcome and appreciated.

    By coming together, we will once again make a big difference.

    Thank you.

    Steve Campbell
    Vice President, Marketing and Communications
    2017 SECC Chair

  • Sustaining a great tradition

    October 19, 2017, 15:29 PM by Eduardo Valdes
    Year after year, we wonder and watch the numbers roll in for the State Employee Charitable Campaign, anxious not from a lack of faith in our UTMB community, but because we know how important the dollars are to the people and charities who rely upon them.

    And year after year, we see the same groups race forward, leading the university in giving, working to create excitement and awareness, to generate participation from those inclined to give. Those who've donated know it feels good; payroll deduction makes it a fairly painless process, and a gift of a  couple dollars a month is easy to shoulder for most. So we watch with gratitude as some large teams at UTMB set the pace, and we say "THANK YOU!"  

    Here are just a few of our 2017 SECC best so far: Anesthesiology, Business Operations and Facilities, Compliance, Human Resources, Information Services, Legal Affairs, Primary Care Services, Research Services, Revenue Cycle, School of Health Professions, and...(is your team next?).

    Time is short; the campaign ends Oct. 27 and we've raised $321,000 toward our $550,000 goal. Please give today.
  • Business and Finance works together for SECC

    October 17, 2017, 10:19 AM by Eduardo Valdes
    Business and Finance Coming Together for SECCWe're all super busy. But there's one large group on campus that epitomizes being busy: Business and Finance. The work they do enables the work the rest of us do, whether it's overseeing budgets and business plans, ordering and delivering supplies and services, keeping the electricity on and a roof over our heads, building and keeping our computer systems running, making sure we get paid (a personal favorite), and so much more. 

    Business and Finance understands that it takes a team to be successful, so they come together each year to support the SECC. They shared this image of the B&F leadership team with us, and we invite you to share your SECC coming together image, via the hashtag #utmbsecc or by emailing

    The campaign ends Oct. 27. So far, we've raised more than $300,000 toward our $550,000 goal. Please give today.
  • The forces of good must prevail again...

    October 13, 2017, 10:28 AM by Melissa Harman
    Join Forces - Come Together
    Two years ago, the UTMB community rallied to conquer the dark side, raising more than $540,000 to help others. (Link to past campaigns page). This year, people are coming together everywhere, erasing the lines that divide, to pull together for the greater good.

    As we near the halfway point in the SECC campaign, we've raised more than a quarter million dollars toward our $550,000 goal. Thank you to the almost 1,000 people who have already helped. Please join them today.
  • What do email and donating to a charity through the SECC have in common?

    October 5, 2017, 17:39 PM by Eduardo Valdes

    The answer: by pledging at least $20 through payroll deduction to SECC, you get an extra 100 MBs of email capacity! I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly running short on space and finding myself in “email jail.” While I get a tremendous amount of personal satisfaction from giving to causes that are important to me, I’m looking forward to my “get out of (email) jail” card.

    As of 4 p.m. on Thursday, one week after the launch of the campaign, we have raised $180,000, 30% of our goal of $550,000. More than 500 members of the UTMB family have Come Together to make that happen.

    Let’s keep up the momentum! Hope everyone has a great Friday.


  • Campaign reaches first major milestone!

    September 29, 2017, 08:22 AM by Eduardo Valdes

    UTMB's State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC) passed the $100,000 mark shortly after 8 a.m. today, less than 24 hours after the campaign launch. 

    This year’s SECC goal is $550,000; the theme is Come Together and celebrates something the UTMB family does exceptionally well: coming together to help and support others.

    We'd love to hear your stories. Why do you give? What does the SECC mean to you or your family?  Send your stories and/or photos; we'd love to hear from you. 


  • 2017 SECC invites us to "Come Together"

    September 28, 2017, 08:08 AM by Eduardo Valdes

    SECC Chair Steve Campbell It is my pleasure to serve as UTMB’s chair of the 2017 State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC). The campaign starts today and runs through Oct. 27.

    This year’s theme is Come Together. Considering the many challenges our friends, colleagues, families and communities have experienced this year with Hurricane Harvey──and the great number of people asking “how can I help?”──we believe the theme speaks to the essence of what defines and binds a community. And it describes and celebrates something the UTMB family does exceptionally well: coming together to help and support others.

    This year’s campaign goal is $550,000. Our campaign dollars help support ongoing needs in our local communities, across the state, and even around the world. And our gifts will also help with the immediate needs brought about by Harvey. One of the features I personally like about the SECC is that I can easily target my donation to aid charities and causes that are meaningful to me. And, with the Give Where You Live option, each of us throughout Texas can choose to support charities close to home and closest to our hearts.

    To review the agencies, watch our progress, share why you give, read about the incentives and make your pledge, explore this web site. We will be communicating our progress regularly. If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me or UTMB campaign coordinator Becky Trout Unbehagen.

    Let’s Come Together to help and support those in need. No gift is too small because together, we will make a big difference.

    Thank you.

    Steve Campbell
    Vice President, Marketing and Communications
    2017 SECC Chair

  • Coming Sept. 28: SECC 2017*

    September 12, 2017, 13:09 PM by Melissa Harman

    In 2014, Todd Leach as the Tin Man led us on an adventure down the yellow brick road; our efforts yielded more than half-a-million dollars and made over-the-rainbow dreams come true for the charities, causes and people we supported.

    In 2015, the battle took place among the stars, where our alliance of committed employees—led by Jedi Master David Marshall—proved they could summon the power of the Force for another half-million-dollar effort. Good hearts and generous spirits conquer all.

    In 2016, James Graham from the Division of Rehabilitation Sciences led the resurrection in an epic campaign unlike any other. He unearthed a legion of generous contributors who clawed their way to a supernatural $584,494.

    The next campaign comes together on Sept. 28, 2017*. Steve Campbell will lead the charge on an effort that'll be powerful, inspiring and very timely: on the heels of one of the most destructive natural disasters to strike the region in modern time. SECC will help people, advance important causes and strengthen communities where we live, work and serve.

    *Can't wait to get started? We'll let you in on a secret: you can make your gift now.