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Academy of Research Mentors

Membership in ARM

A Research Mentor will be elected to the ARM by the Steering Committee. The Research Mentors will meet, as a group, regularly throughout the academic year. 

Expectations of the Members

  • Members of ARM will serve as ambassadors within and outside UTMB.
  • Required to serve on at least one of the small group mentoring teams and/or service teams formed for creative activities of ARM. Any member may serve on more than one team.
  • Members are expected to attend and actively participate in regularly scheduled ARM meetings, Mentoring Matters, and other ARM or collaborative academies events as they are planned and organized. 

Membership in the Academy of Research Mentors requires a commitment of a minimum of 4-6 hours per month. These hours go towards the efforts in ARM and betterment of the mentees we serve.

Eligibility for Full Membership

  • Hold an academic rank of Associate Professor or higher with tenure.
  • Demonstrate a history of successful mentoring (i.e., mentoring students of all types [i.e., high school, undergraduate, and predoctoral], post-doctoral trainees & fellows, and faculty; please provide examples of the mentee’s achievements, or any other experiences which would be considered as mentoring examples).
  • Have evidence of current/previous extramural funding.

Eligibility for Associate Membership

  • Hold an academic rank of tenure track Associate Professor (tenure is not required).
  • Tenure-track Assistant Professors with demonstrated mentorship experience may also be considered.
  • Have received a major award (i.e., independent funding) as the PI.
  • Be an early-stage faculty member who is interested in mentoring and acquiring additional mentoring skills.

Benefits of Membership

Participation in the ARM and related activities will enhance mentoring skills and provide opportunities to interact with other researchers and receive support for participation in research activities and projects. Participation includes enhancement of the research environment for the entire UTMB community and an opportunity to promote new and enhanced disciplinary and interdisciplinary research programs. Benefits include: serving on committees and teams; mentoring other UTMB faculty engaged in research activities; engaging in scholarly research activities; and an opportunity to represent the Academy locally, regionally and nationally.

Members will receive departmental and institutional recognition for participation in maintaining the mentoring culture within the research environment at UTMB.

Upon request, the Director of ARM may provide a letter of successful mentoring and participation in the ARM for UTMB Appointment, Promotion and Tenure committee considerations

Membership Application Process for Full and Associate Members

Applicants Must:
  • Nominations can be made by members of the UTMB Academy of Research Mentors or any member of the UTMB Faculty.
  • Submit the Research Mentoring Portfolio packet:
    • A personal statement (two page maximum) detailing the following: mentoring goals, research and mentoring based achievements, and research interests. 
    • Mentoring and advising activities
    • An updated copy of your Curriculum Vitae (updated within the last 6 months)
    • Mentor training: