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Academy of Research Mentors

The Academy of Research Mentors hosts Mentees' Workshops run by the mentees, with select mentors. There is a theme that has been determined through a mentee driven survey where two speakers will host the workshop. This allows for the mentees to gain peer knowledge in their journey and to further their professional development.

October 30, 2023

All-Academies Induction Ceremony

December 9, 2022

ARM Mentee Workshop


June 10, 2022

Arm Virtual Mentee Workshop

June 11, 2021

Guest Speakers:
Dr. Haitao Hu, PhD
Dr. Heather Stevenson - Lerner, MD, PhD

August 6, 2021

All Academies Induction Ceremony

November 04, 2021

All Academies Collaborative Retreat

December 10, 2021

Guest Speaker:
Monique Pappadis, MEd, PhD

Celeste Finnerty, PhD
B. Montgomery Pettitt, PhD
George C. Kramer, PhD
Carole A. Tucker, PT, PhD