What do parking fees cover?

UTMB Parking Operations is an auxiliary service that does not receive any direct funding from the state and is required to be financially self-sufficient by The University of Texas System. Parking fees are meant to cover all costs of managing parking on UTMB campuses. Such costs include staff salaries and benefits, utilities and other operating costs associated with parking facilities, capital improvements to parking facilities, maintenance costs and any debt service for loans used to build parking garages or surface lots.

UTMB’s Parking Operations is committed to continually strengthening the service level provided to our customers. Revenue generated by Parking Operations will be used to maintain the lots and garages and reinvest in improvements when needed.

Why are rates different for various locations?

Parking rates reflect relative demand for various garages. Those with the highest rates have the longest waiting lists. Charging lower rates on less-congested garages provides an incentive for employees to park in those locations, which may help shorten the overall waiting list for parking. All surface lots will still charge $42/month.

How can I get a RFID tag for the Park & Ride Lot?

You will need to fill out the form and pay $25.00 for the new tag. Call (409) 772-1581 or (409) 266-PARK (7275) after you filled the form out. Click here for the RFID Tag Form

Where can visitors to my department on Galveston Campus park?

Non-contract public parking is available in Garage 2 (UHC Garage), Garage 8 ( Hospital Garage), and the Primary Care Pavilion surface lot at no cost to them with proper validation. .

Does the Parking Office have a drop box after hours?

The Alumni Field House operates as an after hours and weekend drop box location for the parking offices for those last minute drop box items. Just leave your name, phone number and employee number along with our drop.