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Parking Options

All full-time UTMB students may purchase different Student Parking permits.

  • Curbside Parking
  • Surface Lots or Garages
  • Garage 4 Roof Top
  • Free Lots like "Galveston Customs House"

These permits may be purchased from the Parking Office located in John Sealy Campus Store at John Sealy Hospital, inside the Campus Store (409) 266-PARK (7275).

Student Rates

Curbside Parking Program***$80.00per year (Sep 1 to Aug 31)
Surface Lot$22.00per month
Parking Garages$34.25 to $39.25
per month
G4 Roof Top$180.00per year
Re-connect Fee$20.00 
Late Fee$20.00 
*Curbside permits are non-refundable and non-transferable  

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  • Parking Payment Webform

    Parking Payment Webform

    The UTMB Parking Office has developed a Payment Webform to make those monthly parking payments easier. Here are the directions:

    Please first call the parking office at 409.266.PARK (7275) to confirm what you owe for each month with the parking office before use of the webform link below. This is to ensure you do not miss any fees or credits on your account and pay the appropriate payment for the month to avoid any issues.

    You will follow the link below. Your payment will go through UTMB’s official ePay solution program and will be safe and fully encrypted.

    Parking Payment Webform

    Please select the garage or lot area your contract is for and enter the amount due (supplied to you by UTMB Parking Office) in the “Total Payment Amount” field.

    If you are a student looking to apply for Student Curbside Parking, please see the Student Parking tab to apply. Please do not use this link.

  • Student Parking Permit

    Student Parking Permit

    Please complete the Student Parking Permit Application if you are interested in obtaining the student parking on a first-come, first-serve basis and return it along with your $80.00 fee for the fiscal year no later than two weeks prior to the beginning of the fall semester to:

    UTMB Parking Facilities
    301 8th Street
    Galveston TX 77555-0118

    During the week you are on campus to begin class, please come to the Parking Facilities office in the John Sealy Store at 301 8th Street Galveston, TX 77550, to pick up your student parking permit.

    If you're attending any other semester other than the Fall semester, which begins the fiscal year, and need parking, please contact the Parking Office at (409) 266-PARK (7275) for the prorated parking fee

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  • Curbside Parking Program

    Curbside Parking Program

    Curbside Parking is valid from September 1 through August 31 of each year. These permits are valid in designated student spaces on a first-come/first-served basis. Curbside locations will be notated by a sign indicating Student Parking. These areas can be found all over campus, mostly on the west end, with east end parking near the Alumni Field House and Seawall Lot. Some curbside spaces flood during heavy rain— please observe warning signs.

    U lot, U annex lot and S-HT lot, located on the west side of campus are first come, first serve lots that are available to Student Curbside permit holders.

  • Free Parking Options for Galveston Campus

    Free parking options for Galveston Campus

    Employee and student now have three options for free, non-contract parking. Approximately 670 spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis: Barracuda Street Lot between 4 th Street/Holiday Drive and 6th Street, behind the Primary Care Pavilion FH Lot at Mechanic Street and Ferry Road Seawall Lot on 706 Holiday Dr., Galveston, TX 77550

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  • UTMB Parking Lots and Garages

    UTMB Parking Lots and Garages

    Students are also eligible to lease spaces in the surface lots and garages at half the employee rate.

    Rooftop parking in Garage 4 is available for full-time students for a cost of $180 per year; however, this parking cannot be used in conjunction with a regular student permit. You must be placed on a waiting list. If you are interested in putting your name on the waiting list, please complete the Student Parking G4 Rooftop waiting list application and return it to the address above. Waiting lists exist for all other parking areas, as well.

  • Night and Weekend Parking

    Night and Weekend Parking

    After Hours access to (G1) Administration Garage, (G2) UHC Garage, (G3) Moody Medical Library, (G4) SCHs HLTH Professions & Nursing, and (G6) Rebecca Sealy Garage is available through the Parking Facilities office located in John Sealy Campus Store at John Sealy Hospital. For After Hours parking there is a $12.50 monthly fee, but there is no additional charge if you have contract parking through UTMB for daytime use.

    After Hours access cards/badges are valid

    Monday – Friday
    Enter between 4:00pm – 5:00am
    Exit between 4:01pm – 9:15am
    Saturday – Sunday and any recognized UTMB Holiday 24 hours

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