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Park & Ride Lot Transition

Attention LCC Employees,

This summer the current Park & Ride Lot will transition from an open lot to an access-controlled parking lot. One portion of the parking lot will be available for UTMB employees in the future, while the other portion of the parking lot will be for Metro Park & Ride customers only.

If you currently do no have access to the Employee Parking Lots at LCC (Gray 1 and Gray 2), you will need to have your badge programmed in order to be able to park in the future.

The Parking team will be onsite at the LCC badge office the week of June 21 – June 25 (6:30 am – 7:30pm)to program the badges of any LCC employees who currently do not have parking access. Programming of your badge will take approximately 10 minutes.

For further questions please call the Parking Office at 409-266-7275 (M-F, 8a – 5p) or email

Visit Parking Website for more information

Contact:     Email: Parking Operations     For: Auxiliary Enterprises     Phone: 409-266-7275