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Welcome to the Transfusion Services Website!

Need help navigating the new site? Here are some tips on how to find what you are looking for... Let's get started! 

Please note: Desktop view and mobile view will vary by device.
At the top of the page, you will find the main navigation for the Transfusion Service website where you will find the frequently used links. As you see in the graphic below, there are several options to choose from. Select [Home] if you would like to return to the main page at any time.
navigation web
For mobile devices, this navigation menu will be hidden by 3 bars in the in the top right corner. 
navigation mobile



As you scroll down, you will find a series of buttons that can only be accessed from the main Transfusion Services page. These buttons will direct you to some of the commonly visited pages for Transfusion Services.
blog navigation
For mobile Devices:

As you scroll down the page, you will find a directory of UTMB campuses, each containing information that pertains to the selected campus.
different campus locations
Below that you will find a section of our "Useful Resources," which provides links for blood Administration , Massive Transfusion protocols at each campus and links and educational materials pertaining to orders, transfusions and transfusion reactions.
Useful Resources
Lastly, you will find at the bottom of every page a "Quick Tools" directory that contains links to other common pages within the Transfusion Service website. This list is in alphabetical order for you to easily find what you are looking for.
Quick tools

Transfusion Services Quick Tools