Facilities Design & Construction

Facilities Design & Construction (FD&C) is staffed with multi-disciplined, highly-trained professionals who manage capital project delivery from project initiation through the customer occupancy. The scope of projects ranges from $10,000 to over $10,000,000. Large projects over $10M are approved by Board of Regents and managed locally at UTMB by FD&C staff. Projects range from minor interior renovations to major new facilities. Our staff is made up of project managers, construction managers, and interiors managers, as well as skilled support personnel. This multi-disciplinary staff ensures management of project accounting and procurement processes.

  • Manage an average of 100 projects (>$10k) per year
  • Provide management for approximately 2,200 work requests each year for moves, small construction, and signage (<$10k)

Facilities Design

During the design phase of a project, our staff manages architects and engineers' work to assure code-compliant projects that meet UTMB's and the user's needs for approved projects. During design, our project managers provide:

  • Management of design services including oversight of architect/engineers
  • Management of project scope, schedule and budget to approved project
  • Communication to end users and appropriate executives
  • Coordination of bids, contract awards, and contractor Notice to Proceed
  • Integrate life safety, security and information services staffs into the project delivery process

Construction Services

During construction our staff manages contractors, job order contractors, and in-house construction staff to build projects developed during the design phase. Project Managers provide communications and a thread of consistency for our customers. Project managers along with construction managers oversee:

  • Construction work
  • Moves
  • Signage Equipment installations and coordination
  • Furnishings
  • Coordination of telephone and data installation with IS
  • Artwork selection
  • Lock support

In-House Construction Services

We also provide In-House Construction Services for minor renovation projects under $25,000. These include moves, signage, painting, and minor single trade work. Approximately 2,217 work requests are processed each year and total project cost averages $2,500,000 per year.

Design & Construction at UTMB

Contact Information

Design & Construction - Contacts

Design & Construction - Contacts

Nilesh Shah

Capital Projects Program Director
(409) 772-1323

Design & Construction - Contacts

Daniela Ramos

Construction Team Coordinator
(409) 266-6006

Adrienne Shreve

Construction Team Coordinator
(409) 772-3534

In-House Construction

Design & Construction - Contacts

Melanie Zepeda

Construction Team Coordinator
(409) 772-5319

Project Controls Team

Design & Construction - Contacts

Mandy Billiott

(409) 772-1480