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Facilities Design and Construction

Campus Construction

Facilities Design and Construction is staffed with multidisciplined, highly-trained professionals who can see a project through from project inception through move-in. Our staff is made up of project managers, construction managers, and interiors managers, as well as skilled support personnel to make sure projects keep flowing through accounting and procurement process.

    • Work with the UT System Office of Facilities Planning and Construction to deliver complete facilities to UTMB
    • Manage an average of 100 projects (>$10k) per year
    • Provide management for approximately 2,200 work requests each year for moves, small construction, and signage (<$10k)


Facilities Design

During the design phase of a project, our staff manages architects and engineers' work to assure code-compliant projects that meet UTMB's and the user's needs for approved projects. During design, our project managers provide:

    • Management of design services including oversight of architect/engineers
    • Management of project scope, schedule and budget to approved project
    • Communication to end users and appropriate executives
    • Coordination of bids, contract awards, and contractor Notice to Proceed
    • Integrate life safety, secutiry and information services staffs into the project delivery process


Construction Services

During construction our staff manages contractors, job order contractors, and in-house construction staff to build projects developed during the design phase. Project Managers provide communications and a thread of consistency for our customers. Project managers along with construction managers oversee:

    • Construction work
    • Moves
    • Signage
    • Equipment installations and coordination
    • Furnishings
    • Coordination of telephone and data installation with IS
    • Artwork selection
    • Lock support