About Texas Senate Bill 11

Signed by Gov. Greg Abbott in 2015, Senate Bill 11 allows individuals with a concealed handgun license to carry a handgun while on Texas public university campuses as long as the weapon is not visible. License holders must:

  • be 21 years old, unless they are active duty military and police officers;
  • meet federal qualifications to own a gun,
  • and receive training from an instructor certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety

The law allowing concealed carry on university campuses was implemented on Aug. 1, 2016. It also recognizes that Texas' public universities are unique and will need to develop campus carry policies that are appropriate for their respective campuses. UTMB created a Campus Carry Committee which explored specific rules, regulations and procedures related to campus carry. The group launched an outreach campaign to inform people about the law and solicit input on how it could best be implemented on our campuses.

Read Texas Senate Bill 11 in its entirety.

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