External Collaborations

The Center for Addiction Research (CAR) invites and supports collaboration not only across multiple departments and disciplines within the UTMB campus, but also with outside industry and other academic partners.

LifeInSight and UTMB Center for Addiction Research Educational Videos

One important part of our mission and vision is to effectively communicate our latest discoveries and scientific understanding of substance use disorders (SUDs) and other brain based diseases to the general public through our outreach efforts.  LifeInSight BioTherapeutics is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was established to fund collaborative research designed to optimize treatments for mental illness and SUDs.  In 2016, a team of elite scientists from some of the most prestigious medical universities in the country formed an alliance to develop such treatments.  The CAR has collaborated with LifeInSight to produce educational videos on various topics for the general public to learn more about SUDs and other brain disorders.  For more information about this nonprofit please visit: LifeinSight

 LIS Trailer 55  - Introduction to Substance Use Disorders

LIS  Depress 55 - This video talks about stress related disorders.

 LIS  Neur 55 - This video talks about Alzheimer's Disease.

LIS Addiction 55 - This video talks about Addiction and Substance Use Disorders.

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