UTMB Anesthesiology Critical Care Fellowship Program

Surgical Intensive Care Unit

UTMB’s Anesthesiology Division of Critical Care Medicine (CCM) provides day and night intensivist coverage for the post-operative ICU beds. Dr. Beth Teegarden serves as the Medical Director of the SICU and Dr. Deepinder Mann serves as program director of the Anesthesiology CCM fellowship. Additional critical care faculty include Drs. Donald Prough (Chair of Anesthesiology), Aristides Koutrouvelis, William Whitehead, J. Sean Funston, Luis Pacheco (Dept of OB/GYN), David Epperson, Jong Lee, Steve Wolf, and Antonio Saad.

Currently, the critical care units at UTMB include an 16-bed Surgical Intensive Care Unit, including Cardiovascular, Trauma, Transplant, and others, a Medical ICU, a dedicated Neuro ICU, and an adult Burn ICU. Our anesthesiology program also participates with Shriners Hospital for Children ICU.

The Critical Care Division provides intensivist coverage for 16 postoperative Surgical ICU beds in the newly constructed Jeannie Sealy hospital, opened April 2016. The unit is "semi-closed, with close collaboration with all the surgical services. Strong emphasis is placed on a multidisciplinary approach to critical care, involving colleagues from other medical specialties as well as from the nursing staff, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, nutritionists, medical social workers, as well as palliative and ethics services.

The Critical Care Division is responsible for the training of anesthesiology CCM Fellows, residents in anesthesiology, surgery, OB and medicine, as well as medical students. Anesthesia residents spend 4-6 months in critical care during their PGY-1 through PGY-4, with progressive responsibilities. The teaching experience embraces all aspects of critical care, placement and management of invasive hemodynamic monitors, training in point of care ultrasound to include acquisition of heart, lung, abdomen, bladder and vascular images, ventilator management, renal replacement therapy, use of drug infusion techniques, nutritional support, infectious disease control and medical ethics.

Further information on our ACGME accredited anesthesia critical care fellowship and application process can be found here.

Intensivist Faculty: Drs. Prough, Koutrouvelis, Whitehead, Funston, Pacheco, Teegarden, Mann, Epperson, Lee, Wolf, and Saad.

Unit Statistics:
  • Number of beds: budgeted for 12 beds; capacity is 16
  • Number of patients seen per year: YTD as of September 2017 - approximately 4-5,000 units of service (patient days)
  • Examples of surgical cases cared for: frequently admitted include trauma, CT surgery, LVADs, ECMO, GI, transplants (liver, heart, kidney), vascular
  • Admission and care for complex/critically ill obstetrics and pulmonary medicine patients.
  • Areas of coverage: ENT, GYN, Plastics, Transplant, Hepatobiliary, Cardiothoracic, Orthopedic, General Surgery and Trauma
  • Unit is SEMI closed
  • Multidisciplinary nature (Pharmacists, RN, RT, Pain Management, Respiratory, Nutritionist, Social Work, PT/OT, Palliative/ethics)
  • SICU received the Gold Beacon Award from AACN. The Beacon Award is reflective of a work environment with greater collaboration between colleagues and leaders, higher morale and lower turnover.
  • Previous nurse manager received the AACCN Circle of Excellence award for "creating a network of experts who continually generate innovation and excellence in high acuity and critical care."

Fellowship is accredited by ACGME and ABA offers subspecialty certification in CCM (one of the oldest accredited CCM programs in the country)

ICU Teaching conferences: ICU Teaching block in Anesthesiology residency. TRISAT regional webinar conferences every Tuesday. Resident/Fellow teaching conference on Fridays. Noon ICU lectures. ICU rounds educational topics. Critical Care Interdisciplinary Journal Club.