UTMB Anesthesiology Critical Care Fellowship Program


Thank you for your interest in the UTMB Anesthesiology Critical Care Fellowship Program. Our fellowship program has been in existence since 1995. Over this time the Program Directors have been Dr. Mali Mathru, Dr. Eric Bedell, and Dr. Aristides Koutrouvelis.

The fellowship is a one year program, accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). Our goals include: providing educational and clinical experience so that subspecialty residents (fellows) will be proficient in their ability to care for and manage critically ill patients; providing research opportunities in any of a number of fields that may be of interest to subspecialty residents; and gaining an appreciation for the benefits of multidisciplinary health care provider education. We are guided by the milestones and core competencies recommended by the ACGME and the skill sets encouraged by the Society of Critical Care Anesthesiology. At the end of the fellowship, subspecialty residents will have gained necessary skills to be able to pursue a career in critical care in any capacity, including academic critical care medicine.


Deepinder Mann, DO
University of Texas Medical Branch
Assistant Professor, Department of Anesthesiology
Program Director, Anesthesiology Critical Care Medicine