UTMB Center of Excellence for Professional Advancement and Research COEPAR

Research Opportunities for Medical Students

Research Core Lead: Soham Al Snih, MD, PhD

Our objective is to increase under-served and disadvantaged student participation in research thus producing more scholarly products that result in more competitive applications for residency.​

Four-Year Research Plan for Medical Students


  • Introduction to the Culture of Research modules and certificate (Coming soon)
    • Participate in introductory modules aimed at familiarizing students with research culture, methodologies, and ethical considerations.
    • Completion of certificate program to gain foundational knowledge in research principles.

Between MS1 and MS2:

  • Summer Research Program (SRP)
    • Explore mentors and projects through the SRP Website: Welcome to SRP (utmb.edu)
    • Engage in research experiences during the summer break to gain exposure to various research areas and methodologies.

MS2 and MS3:

  • Find a research mentor and project to produce at least one poster and one manuscript
    • Attend the WE Summit: Welcome (utmb.edu) to meet research mentors and explore potential projects.
    • Work closely with a research mentor to identify a research project aligned with personal interests and career goals. JSSOM Information for Medical Students Doing Research (utmb.edu)
    • Collaborate with research team to conduct research, analyze data, and prepare findings for presentation.
    • Aim to produce at least one research poster and one manuscript for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.


  • Focus on resume and personal statements for residency match
    • Highlight research experiences, accomplishments, and contributions in residency application materials.
    • Seek guidance and support from mentors and career advisors to effectively communicate research background and interests to residency programs.

Throughout the Four Years:

  • Continued involvement in research-related activities
    • Attend research seminars, conferences, and workshops to stay updated on advancements in the field. UTMB Research
    • Participate in research-focused electives or extracurricular activities to further develop research skills and knowledge.
    • Maintain regular communication with research mentor to track progress, seek guidance, and explore new research opportunities.

By following this structured four-year research plan, the medical student will be equipped with essential research skills, experiences, and accomplishments to support their future career aspirations in medicine and research.

Summer Research Program

We will be sponsoring a limited number of stipends for Summer Research Program participants.

COEPAR Stipend Application: https://forms.office.com/r/WcQCThXr25
Deadline to apply for stipend:
April 5, 2024
Contact person:
Le Ochia Bonilla, COEPAR Coordinator, lnbonill@utmb.edu
Summer Research Program website

JSSOM Information for Medical Students Doing Research

Funds for Students Presenting or Publishing Research

Scholarship funds are available on a first come, first served basis to student participants in our training/activities/research who produce a scholarly product and request funds to publish, print a poster, present locally, or registration and travel to a conference.

Limited statistical support for research statistical analysis by the Office of Biostatistics for COEPAR student research projects is available on a case by case basis.

Contact Le Ochia Bonilla (lnbonill@utmb.edu) or Berengaria Navarre (bcnavarr@utmb.edu).

Seed Money


COEPAR has funds available to support student-initiated student-faculty research in line with the Center’s mission and HRSA’s mandate on health outcomes and community-specific health issues. A student may request up to $500 for a project. A group of students may request greater support. Please send a complete proposal with budget and faculty research mentor contact information to Le Ochia Bonilla (lnbonill@utmb.edu) or Berengaria Navarre (bcnavarr@utmb.edu).

The Institute for Bioethics and Health Humanities (IBHH)

IBHH has opportunities for new research initiatives or to join existing research projects. Contact Dr. Lisa Campo-Engelstein (licampoe@utmb.edu) or Dr. Stephen Molldrem (stmolldr@utmb.edu).

WE Summit website

The WE Summit is an excellent opportunity for medical students to find interesting and rewarding research mentorship. The Summit is held in the fall so check back to look for updates.