WE Summit

2nd Annual WE Summit

The 2nd annual WE Summit took place on Saturday, October 14, 2023 and was attended by 90 students and 10 faculty. It was an excellent opportunity for medical students to find interesting and rewarding research mentorship. If you were unable to attend or are still searching for a research match, below are our faculty and student ‘Want Ads’ to help connect. Follow the appropriate link and fill out the form.

Faculty, are you interested in being a research mentor for medical students? Do you have opportunities for medical students to participate in your current research? The UTMB Center of Excellence for Professional Advancement and Research (COEPAR) would like to help match medical students to mentors and research opportunities. If you have an opportunity, please fill out the Faculty Mentor ‘Want Ads’ at this link: https://forms.office.com/r/DUfckALR41. We will help match students.

Students, let us help you find a research mentor; fill out the Student ‘Want Ads’ form: https://forms.office.com/r/08BvXhVWFv. If you did connect with a potential mentor or have a specific research mentor in mind, fill out the form, and we will help make the connection and be able to follow up with support. Please allow a couple of weeks for us to make a connection for you.

2023 WE Summit Awards

Top Faculty Research Mentor Awards

  • Emma Tumilty, PhD
  • Jacob Moses, PhD
  • Sagar Kamprath, MD

Certificate of Achievement for Outstanding Research Mentorship awarded to the Lab to Eliminate Health Disparities

  • Wei-Chen Lee, PhD
  • Hanaa Sallam, MD, PhD
  • Hani Serag, MD, MPH

Top Student Researcher Awards

Class of 2024 

  • 1st Place:             Elvia Villarreal 
  • 2nd Place:           Jasmine Jones 
  • 3rd Place:            Jasmine Liu-Zarzuela 

Class of 2025 

  • 1st Place:             Mathilda Nicot-Cartsonis 
  • 2nd Place:           Ashton Davis 
  • 3rd Place:            Sneha Gajarla 

Class of 2026 

  • 1st Place:             Bunnarin Theng 
  • 2nd Place:           Adam Husain 
  • 3rd Place:            Amy Wang 

Class of 2027 

  • 1st Place:             Jad Lawand 



Questions, please contact: Dr. Soham Al Snih, Research Core Lead for COEPAR, soalsnih@utmb.edu Dr. Norma A Perez Raifaisen, PI, COEPAR, noaperez@utmb.edu  Berengaria Navarre, MS, MFA, Assistant Director, COEPAR, bcnavarr@utmb.edu, Le Ochia Bonilla, Administrative Coordinator, COEPAR, lnbonill@utmb.edu

The 2023 WE Summit is sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services, HRSA, UTMB Center of Excellence for Professional Advancement and Research 1 D34HP49234‐01‐00.