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CREATE-NEO: Jean-Paul Carrera, MSc, MA
Panama Team

Jean-Paul Carrera, MSc, MAJean-Paul Carrera, MSc, MA
Junior Researcher, Gorgas Institute / DPhil Student University of Oxford
Epidemiology, ecology, and evolution of zoonotic viruses

My research focuses on understanding the transmission dynamics of zoonotic viruses in Latin America, with the aim of deciphering the factors that lead to their appearance and adaptation in new environments. To answer these questions, my research integrates clinical, virological, molecular, epidemiological, statistical, and mathematical approaches. My ultimate goal is to translate this research into recommendations for the generation of public health policies, decision making, prevention, and control of emerging diseases. I am also interested in real-time responses to outbreaks, epidemiological surveillance, virus discovery, and viral taxonomy.

Members of the Carrera group:
Susana Navarro ( Laboratory Research Assistant)
Josefrancisco Galué (Laboratory Research Assistant)
Zeus Capitan (Project coordinator)
Gary Sanchez (Research Assistant, Epidemiology)


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