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CREATE-NEO: Juan Miguel Pascale, MD, PhD
Panama Team

adj_PascaleJuan Miguel Pascale, MD, PhD

My research is focused on strengthening the epidemiological surveillance system, through the early diagnosis of emerging diseases. The main objective is to provide clinical care and follow-up to patients with febrile syndromes, Leshmaniasis and other diseases that arise in the province of Darién and to migrants who use our country as a transit route. We will focus on providing training to health personnel and other related entities for health monitoring of migrants, from the moment they enter our country through the border with Colombia until they leave it in the Costa Rica area. We will focus as well as in the molecular diagnosis of tropical diseases and identification of new pathogens.

Members of the Pascale team:

Fátima Rodríguez (Biologist, Administrator and coordinator of Projects)
Winroy Ng (Medical Technologist)
Alcibiades Guerra (Medical Technologist)
Eduardo Aguirre (Biologist, Research Assistant)
Yaneth Pitti (Biologist, Research Assistant)
Carmela Jackman (Physician and epidemiologist)
José Luis Samudio (General Physician)

CREATE-NEO members

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