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CREATE-NEO: Outreach

Virtual Seminar Series on Vector-Borne and Zoonotic DiseasesEvery second Tuesday of the month starting January 2021

11am CST   |   5pm GERMANY   |   Midnight SINGAPORE

Organizers: Kathryn Hanley (    |   Nikos Vasilakis (

Register in advance for this webinar.




Location (Zoom)

Link to Past Seminars

Friend and Foe: The complex interactions between dengue and Zika virus immune responses and epidemiology

January 12

Eva Harris

UC Berkeley, USA

Friend and Foe Seminar Video

Applications of Machine Learning to Predict Sources of Zoonotic Disease Risk

February 9

Barbara Han


Applications of Machine Learning Video

Reemergence of Brazilian spotted fever: The Role of Human-modified Landscapes

March 9

Marcelo B. Labruna

USP, Brazil

Reemergence of Brazilian spotted fever

SARS-CoV-2 Biology and Countermeasure Development

April 13

Pei-Yong Shi



May 11

Tamar Carter

Baylor, USA


June 8

Carla Saleh



July 13

Nuno Faria

Oxford, UK


August 10

Luis Rodriguez


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The Centers for Research in Emerging Infectious Disease (CREID) is a coordinated network with centers in regions around the globe where emerging and re-emerging infectious disease outbreaks are likely to occur. Multidisciplinary teams of investigators will conduct pathogen/host surveillance, study pathogen transmission, pathogenesis and immunologic responses in the host, and will develop reagents and diagnostic assays for improved detection for important emerging pathogens and their vectors.

NIAID launched the CREID Network in 2020.This website is run by CREATE-NEO, a member of the CREID Network independent of NIH/NIAID.