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CREATE-NEO: Ben Althouse, PhD

Ben_Althouse_PIBen Althouse, PhD
Principal Scientist,
Co-chair of Epidemiology, Institute for Disease Modeling Affiliate
Assistant Professor, iSchool, University of Washington
Affiliate Professor, Biology, New Mexico State University

Dr Ben Althouse is a Principal Research Scientists at the Institute for Disease Modeling in Seattle where he explores the transmission dynamics of arboviruses and respiratory pathogens, and the role of complex human contact structures on disease transmission. He was an Omidyar Fellow at the Santa Fe Institute, holds a PhD in Epidemiology and a Master of Science in Biostatistics from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health where he was awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, and holds Bachelor of Science degrees in pure Mathematics and Biochemistry from the University of Washington.

His previous work has included mathematical modeling of sylvatic dengue virus transmission in nonhuman primates in Senegal, examining the role of antimicrobial use on the evolution of drug resistance, using Twitter as a model system of co-infection dynamics, and using novel data sources (such as Google searches, Twitter, and Wikipedia article views) for population-level surveillance of infectious and chronic diseases. Ben is an Affiliate Professor in the Department of Biology at New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, and an Affiliate Assistant Professor in the Information School at UW.


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The Centers for Research in Emerging Infectious Disease (CREID) is a coordinated network with centers in regions around the globe where emerging and re-emerging infectious disease outbreaks are likely to occur. Multidisciplinary teams of investigators will conduct pathogen/host surveillance, study pathogen transmission, pathogenesis and immunologic responses in the host, and will develop reagents and diagnostic assays for improved detection for important emerging pathogens and their vectors.

NIAID launched the CREID Network in 2020.This website is run by CREATE-NEO, a member of the CREID Network independent of NIH/NIAID.