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Breaking down the barriers in the Courts Hector P. Garcia: A Texas Legend


Hernandez vs. The State of Texas (1954) 

This landmark Supreme Court case ended the elimination of Mexican Americans from Texas Grand Juries. This case recognized that Mexican Americans did not receive equal treatment under law. The G.I. Forum and the organizational abilities of Dr. Garcia helped fund the case to its ultimate victory.


Minerva Delgado et al vs. Bastrop ISD

In addition to the "Hernandez case" the other case in which Dr. Garcia and the G. I. Forum played an instrumental role was the Delgado case. The Delgado case is the landmark Mexican-American desegregation case in Texas. Dr. Garcia once again assumed responsibility for raising funds for the legal expenses related to the Minerva Delgado et al vs. Bastrop ISD.  These funds allowed unequivocal support of the twenty-one parents, who were courageous in their opposition of "separate but equal" state educational system. Unfortunately, even with the decision that "permanently restrained and enjoined from segregation pupils of Mexican or other Latin American descent" many school districts paid little or not attention to the law.