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A Legacy of Activism and Service Hector P. Garcia: A Texas Legend


Poster ­Attencion Veteranos!

From the beginning, Dr. Garcia was outraged by the discrimination against Mexican-Americans and was compelled to action. This poster from December 30, 1948 invited veterans to come hear Dr. Garcia and other local leaders discuss the problems of segregated schools in Taft, Texas.


The G. I. Forum

Dr. Garcia organized the American G.I. Forum (1948) initially to improve veteran benefits and enhance medical attention. But it soon expanded to address educational and vocational training, housing, public education, poll taxation, voter registration, hospitalization and employment. Today the American G. I. Forum has nearly 160,000 members in 502 chapters in 24 states.


Letter  from Garcia "To all Pres. Of Forum, Auxiliaries and Jr. G.I. Forum"

An example of the many letters by Dr. Garcia to exhort G. I. Forum members to write their political leaders. Dr. Garcia was a strong proponent of education. He is most often quoted for his statement on education: "Education is our freedom, and freedom is everybody’s business."