UTMB Faculty Senate
August 8, 2022

1. Faculty Senate Meeting - Call to Order

The Meeting was called to order by Dr. Chris Messenger at 4:30 pm

2. Announcements

  • July & August - Executive meetings cancelled. When cancelled do you think FS should just move on, do you want me to push to reschedule that month's meeting?
  • Bylaws are being reviewed at the Council of Deans Meeting, Wednesday, August 11, 2022.
  • Faculty Senate Annual Meeting, Monday September 12, 2022 - Dr. Raimer was sent an invitation to speak for about 10-15 mins. If he is unable to attend, an invitation to the provost will be sent.
  • IHOP Policies for August sent out and added in VIIMA app. No IHOP policies were sent for July 2022.
  • Attendance - can only miss 3-4 meetings, if missed your position will be forfeited.
  • Dr. Messenger is chair-elect for the Faculty Advisory Council
  • Annual Faculty Senate Meeting - Monday, September 12, 2022, 11:30-12:30PM
  • October meeting - Travel and Reimbursement Process
  • Parking Announcement - Coming soon
  • Thank you for service to Faculty
    • SOM
      • Ashraf Aly
      • Michelle Simon
      • Sharif Mohamed
      • Katherine Lees
    • GSBS
      • Dennis Bente
    • SHP
      • Daneen Nastars
      • Karthik Mani
      • Brian Downer

    Meeting adjourned at 6PM.