UTMB Faculty Senate
February 14, 2022


  1. Faculty Senate Meeting - Call to Order

    The Meeting was called to order by Dr. Harold Pine at 4:30 pm.

  2. Subcommittee Poll

    Anasthasia “Annie” Guajardo, sent an e-mail inquiring to complete poll by selecting which subcommittee members are in. Please select your committee to be placed in your breakout session after Dr. Cara Geary presents.

  3. Perceived Stress Scale / Survey Monkey

     Dr. Pine explained the perceived stress scale quiz Anasthasia sent out recently via e-mail. Members of the senate expressed concerned who will be receiving data from the survey. Dr. Pine explained the questionnaire data will be used to demonstrate to leadership that the calm app the institution is paying for is being utilized and helping faculty senates members stress level stay down. Anasthasia created survey monkey and e-mailed during meeting. Please complete as soon as possible.

  4. VIMA

     Any information during breakout sessions, please input into VIIMA. Inputting information will be relevant in the future. Also, IHOP polices will be divvy into various committees, summary needs to be added in VIIMA.

  5. Endemic Wellness, Cara Geary, MD, PhD – finding an Endemic Balance for ourselves.
    1. Defining the issues
      1. Burnout
      2. Resilience
      3. Well Being
      4. Professional Fulfillment  
  6. Subcommittee Breakout sessions – Members briefly mentioned what was discussed in breakout rooms.
    1. Clinical – 4-hour clinical requirement for providers, must do a full 4 hr. clinic session. CFO coming next, ask for more information. The impact it has had? financial gain? Compliance the clinic is seeing with the 4-hour school and if its long-term feasible solution?
    2. Education – Reviewed back on past issues, addressing virtual educational. How to get back to face to face environment.
    3. Research – discussed 5 things
      1. International and National Collaborators and welcoming them back on campus. Research requires a lot of collaboration between scientist and one of the best ways to do this is on campus.
      2.  Travel and Reimbursements – need more transparency
      3. Administration burdens – ex. Ordering textbooks, need an
      4. Material transfer agreements – legal needs to be involved, a lot of movement, want to reiterate to leadership this is important, wanted to abreast of all activities moving forward.
      5. University – Childcare, Pine/Messenger met with Provost/President, and they seem too indecisive about that not being something that anyone would be interested in. Did not have success. Messenger going to send an email in a few days and will put in VIMA app.
  7. Announcements from Dr. Pine
    1. President/ Dean cancelled meeting last month and pushed back this month. Possibly meeting early March.
    2. Faculty Parking – Has not heard back but will follow up. 
  8. Follow up Question - Outcome regarding International Medical Graduates (IMG) Faculty 
  9. Nothing has changed, policy is still in effect and likely going to effect. If faculty want to make resolution regarding that, someone must do that it can not be the chair of Faculty Senate.


    Meeting adjourned at 6:25PM.