UTMB Faculty Senate
July 11, 2022

1. Faculty Senate Meeting - Call to Order

The Meeting was called to order by Dr. Chris Messenger at 4:30 pm

2. Announcements

  • Think about topics/speakers for the next fiscal year.

3. Robert Shaffer, Associate Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer: "Cybersecurity update" (Why change in the email policy).

  • Access to personal email account blocked, starting July 6, 2022. Access to emails was restricted due to security implications associated with personnel going out to their personal email accounts and pulling down mail to their desktop. What this does when an email is downloaded to their desktop is puts an encrypted tunnel from the desktop computer out to the mail provider and since it is encrypted, we do not see any traffic going across our network, so it bypasses all our perimeter security controls we have. UTMB has dozens of security controls and looks at various types of data that’s coming into or leaving the network, so if we can’t see what is coming in, we can’t protect the institution from ransomware attacks. 

    Meeting adjourned at 6PM.