UTMB Faculty Senate
March 14, 2022
  1. Faculty Senate Meeting - Call to Order

    The Meeting was called to order by Dr. Harold Pine at 4:30 pm.

  2. Faculty Senate Bylaw revision approval poll

    Anasthasia “Annie” Guajardo sent an e-mail poll for approval for revised Faculty Senate Bylaws regarding adding new School of Public and Population Health.

  3. William Pate – EH&S and Research: I’m improving Communication & Collaboration.

    Mr. Pate’s interest is trying to improve the level of communication and collaboration that occurs between the department of Health and Safety and those who are doing research.

    • What does Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) do?
      1. Environmental Protection Management
        1. Chemical & Radiological waste pickup & management
        2. Laboratory closeouts
        3. Emergency Response (spills, odors complaints)
      2. Fire & Life Safety
        1. Fire detection system inspection & repair
        2. Fire suppression system inspection & repair
        3. Fire safety training, fire drills, monthly fire extinguisher inspections, facility life safety inspections
      3. Radiation & Occupational Safety
        1. Safety equipment testing (eyewash, shower, CFH)
        2. Radiation safety compliance (RAM, x-rays, lasers)
        3. General laboratory safety (chemical safety, physical safety) including audits, training, risk assessments, hazard communication
        4. Safety Committees (chemical safety, Radiation Safety, General Safety)
    • Ideas to increase communication
      1. Formalized “safety notes”
      2. Lab Audit “Frequent findings”
      3. Formalize proves for faculty representation/participation on safety committees
      4. Formalize process to communicate safety policy changes
    • Current EH&S areas of focus
      1. Chemical inventory movement into EHS assistant by 8/31/22
      2. Creation of Chemical Hygiene Plan for laboratory
      3. Hazard Communication Trainers & Documentation
      4. Completing inspections of labs inspected previously in FY22 by DOB
    • What can EH&S do to better support research?
      1. Post-Audit and post-training surveys
      2. What can we do better?
      3. What current needs are we not meeting?
      4. Any future needs for us to help with?


  4. Sundeep Mattamana – Office of Technology Transfer
    1. Promote innovation
    2. Identify and protect intellectual property
      1. Patent
      2. Trademark
      3. Copyright
      4. Trade Secrets
    3. Commercialize inventions to improve health outcomes and generate revenue
      1. Advances Research
      2. Benefits faculty and University
    4. Negotiate technology transfer contracts
      1. Attorneys negotiate sponsored research agreements (SRAs) to ensure compliance with UT system and UTMB’s rules regarding.
        1. Intellectual Property
        2. Confidentiality
        3. Publication
        4. Indemnification
    5. Ensure export control compliance


  5. Subcommittee Breakout sessions – Members briefly mentioned what was discussed in breakout rooms.
    1. Clinical – Discussed last month, helpful to receive data from leadership regarding 4 hr clinic session. Leadership is mandating 4 hr clinic session, interested in data regarding if the sessions are being financially solvent, are there increased number of patients being seen, in other departments is it being more fruitful? Are the collections receiving outweighing the need for paying overtime? Is it worthwhile long term solution, morale wise its very challenging for doctors and makes it very difficult to sustain super long work days and you have 6-8 additional patients a day.
    2. Education – Wellness for trainees, looking for possibly more funds, to host events for more social support between faculty and trainees. (Possibly specific amount of funds given to each program to spend on wellness for trainees) Second item discussed is educators, we need more educators for education. See more faculty for clinical and less for education, create a faculty development plan to recruit more educators for education/research.
    3. Research – Dr. Ross met during monthly mtg with Admin including Dr. Urban, William Pate and brought up a variety of issues. One of which was supply chain and maybe exploring the possibility of having a workaround for common equipment that is used and we are having a difficult time receiving in a timely manner. Another issues brought up not regarding research was Kronos and the ability for support staff to help professors and faculty. Dr. Rossi inquired but, there was no change to the policy. But still feels a little confused on who can do it, who can be a proxy and who coordinates. Requested if Dr. Pine can get more clarity and if can inputted in VIIMA.
    4. University – Pay Equity, pay scale, retention data, we receive merit issues but no standard cost of living adjustment for essentially anybody, faculty included.
  6. Announcements from Dr. Pine
    1. Dr. Pine discussed bylaw update, by adding the new School of Public and Population Health. Annie will be sending a poll via e-mail for approval.
    2. Possibly holding an in person meeting in June for Dr. Pine’s last meeting. – Faculty Development leave was approved.
    3. GSBS up for Chair-elect – Possibly start early to be able to sit with Dr. Messenger when Dr. Pine goes out for leave. If interested in running, please let Dr. Pine/Annie know.
    4. IHOP policy not going to change regarding IMG.
    5. Dr. Pine/Messenger – looking for speakers for the upcoming months.
    6. C. Aaron LeMay – Financial update, will be presenting May 2022.


    Meeting adjourned at 6:25PM.