UTMB Faculty Senate
August 14, 2023


  1. Faculty Senate Meeting - Call to Order

    The Meeting was called to order by Dr. Chris Messenger at 4:30 pm.

    • Attendance “Roll Call” & Establishing Quorum, confirming a senator is present to represent each school.
      • Dr. Rajkumar Rajendran – SHP
      • Dr. Kelly Carmichael– JSSOM
      • Dr. Huey-Ming Tzeng– GSBS
      • Dr. Carol Bruno – SON
      • Dr. Sharon Crosiant - SPPH
    • Agenda Adoption
      • No objections, the agenda is adopted.
    • Prior Meeting Minutes
      • Approved and uploaded to the website.
  2. Officer, Board, and Standing Committee Reports:
    • Executive: Dr. Messenger -  “Chair of the Faculty Advisory Council, submitted information through the school as well through the Faculty Advisory Council for UT System with opinions on Senate Bill 17 and particularly Senate Bill 18 with tenure. There was a consistency in viewpoint about concerns from the faculty at all institutions that submitted information back to the fact. Board of regents meeting next week, will be attending. Assumed that the language that we saw in the draft will probably be very similar to what ends up being passed, cause it's essentially a carbon copy of the part that's in the law, what will be the really important part is that these will have to be then turned into policies at the institutional level IHOP policies and according to our IHOP policies, particularly IHOP policy, 01.01.03 and that's about developing new policies are making major revisions and it does state very clearly that on step five that there is a 14 day notice for open comment and step six is stakeholder review where the responsible entity must identify stakeholders that have expertise in the policy subject matter or will be directly impacted by the policy that responsible entity is tasked with submitting the draft policy to the stakeholders for review and approval. And then in step seven, it does say that academic and faculty policies must be reviewed and approved by the Faculty Senate and the Council of Deans, and the Faculty Senate will have 30 days from receipt of the review to approve the policies. And then also in the Senate Bill 718, the language that was moved into the regions rules, it does say that policies that come from that institution must be approved by the Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor and everyone else. And so there are going to be multiple opportunities for faculty to have an input on how the Regents rule changes will affect, if at all, what it says at the IHOP level. So that will be I think be something right off the bat with Doctor Reiser coming in, that we're going to want to be on board with but again, I want to reinforce that our policy is very clear about how the institution has to go about revising policies, and this is certainly an academic policy and it's going to have to come before the faculty Senate and that's 30 days. In addition to the 14-day commentary period, so and the language of the bill was also that this is this should.
    • University: Reviewing process with the Development Office, for honoring long term employees, employees who’ve contributed a lot to the University. 
    • Education: Last month, motioned to have a liaison under the education committee. On 8/7/23 with Dr. Blackwell, Graduate Medical Education office, along with Dr. Self, Dr. Jersey. Project was received well by all parties. (L. Villarreal) “Met with Dr. Blackwell and HOA (House of Officer Association) and Dr. Blackwell wanted to keep everything in one organization rather than creating a new one. Me and the residents who are bringing the program to the table, they’re going to talk to the HOA about adding in a committee called “Mentorship Committee” where they would be within that within the HOA. I think it would be strong and more committed than tagging it onto the HOA who has completely different idealism. Coming in September, two residents will talk to HOA regarding creating a committee within HOA, no one has ever created another organization outside of the HOA in the context of Residency. Dr. Blackwell has made it very clear if it is going to be supported by the GME office, then it will have to be under the HOA. Residents considered it will be liquidated. 
    • Clinical: Pending Issue was brought up last meeting, further clarification from food directors as what is available for on-call faculty at Jennie Sealy campus after hours or on weekends when cafeteria is closed, and nothing stocked in Jennie Sealy faculty “lounge” areas.
    • Research: email from Dr. Susman “Related to T32 PI Support. Dr. Mouton agreed to give a 10% boost to anyone’s funded research percentage, to help allow them to meet the 50% threshold, for every funded T-32. It’s not a major change. Also, we will have to modify the FCIP, which is a major change, and will likely have to go through a process. Given there are a number of FCIP changes, and a new president, I am not sure much will happen quickly.” Tzeng term ends of August, hopes Research committee will continue to follow up on the conversation.
  3. Unfinished Business & General Orders:
    • No unfinished business from last meeting.
  4. New Business:
    • None
  5. Dr. Lisa Farmer motions to move into executive session, Dr. Carol Bruno provided a second.
    Rise out of executive session, Dr. Shannan Rossi motions, Dr. Sharon Crosiant provided a second.

  6. Committee Meetings - Closed Senate Meeting (Attendees: UTMB Faculty Senators Only)
    • Clinical: No new update
    • Education: No new update
    • Research: No new update
    • University: No new update 

Dr. Shannan Rossi motioned to adjourn; Dr. Misha Syed provided a second.

Meeting adjourned at 5:30PM