UTMB Faculty Senate
January 9, 2023

  1. Faculty Senate Meeting - Call to Order

    The Meeting was called to order by Dr. Chris Messenger at 4:30 pm.

    • Attendance “Roll Call” & Establishing Quorum, confirming a senator is present to represent each school.
      • – SHP- Hilton, Claudia
      • – JSSOM- McKee, Juliet
      • – GSBS- Leger, J. Michael
      • – SON- Watson Campbell, Rebeka
      • – SPPH- Croisant, Sharon
    • Agenda Adoption
      • No objections, the agenda is adopted.
    • Prior Meeting Minutes
      • Approved and uploaded to the website
  2. Officer, Board, and Standing Committee Reports:
    • Unfinished Business & General Orders: - No unfinished business from last meeting.
      • Standing Committee Reports:
        • Dr. Rossi and Dr. Messenger met with Dr. Mouton to discuss the following: the Academic Service Center, the struggles of the reimbursement process, and the culture around UTMB and how the faculty are affected. 
        • Education Committee: No business/ discussion took place.
        • University: No business/ discussion took place.
        • Research: No business/ discussion took place.
        • Clinical: No business/ discussion took place.
    • New Business:
      • Dr. Huey-Ming Tzeng, Chair of the Research Committee, makes a motion that the faculty senate make a proposition/ proposal that training grants need to be recognized as part of FCIP. And to develop a proposal to the president about there being support for this. Dr. Brian Downer provided a “second” to this motion.
      • The senate proceeds to discuss the motion, Dr. Messenger stated that he and Dr. Rossi did mention this to Dr. Mouton and his response was that the issue with the training grants is that they do not bring in the indirect like the RO1’s do.  The senate discussed the motion and arrived at the conclusion that there should be an amendment to the motion. The research and university committees have been tasked with undertaking a fact-finding mission to identify the barriers and opportunities to incentivize training grants to be part of the FCIP in a manner acceptable to faculty administration. Those two committees will produce a statement for the President and the Provost to further this consideration. -  No opposition, the motion carried.
      • Dr. Rossi motioned to move into executive session for committee meetings, Dr. Syed provided a second.
    • Committee Meetings - Closed Senate Meeting (Attendees: UTMB Faculty Senators Only)
      • Clinical:
      • Education:
      • Research
      • University:
    • Dr. Kelly Carmichael motions to adjourn, Dr. Sharon Croisant provided a second.

Meeting adjourned at 6PM