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July New Hires

Meet this month's new hires

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Life-changing Results from Microsurgical Procedures

Among the field of plastic surgeons, those trained in microsurgery account for a relatively small percentage. This technique, which employs powerful magnification in the intricate repair of blood vessels and nerves, provides solutions that save lives or improve quality of life. Petros Konofaos, MD, PhD, brings this valuable skillset to UTMB.

A surgeon's hands are seen as they are applying a guide wire to an internal carotid vein.

Expanding Access and Options for Vascular Surgery

UTMB’s Division of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery has expanded considerably to help meet the needs of more area patients. Its most recent addition, Eric Whittington, MD, joined in late 2022 to increase patient access and augment the skillset already present within the team.

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Medicare Preventive Care

Medicare does not cover preventive services in the same way that commercial payors do. However, Medicare does have its own set of preventive services and screening that are a covered benefit.

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Helping Patients with Venous Disorders Find Solutions and Relief

As UTMB’s Division of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery has grown, patients benefit from additional expertise and procedures to address their needs – including a new clinic at League City Campus focused on venous disorders. Christina Guarin is part of the team behind this endeavor.


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