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G2211 Complexity Code

The G2211 – visits complexity code may be a missed opportunity for you. This code was created by Medicare but other payors are recognizing and reimbursing for this code.

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Building a Practice, Building Relationships in Vascular Surgery

Being the physician who will see patients into their senior years, helping them manage their health along the way, is a goal for UTMB vascular surgeon Jani Lee, MD. The relationship-based nature of her specialty was one of the reasons she chose to pursue it.

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May Winner - Where in the UTMB

Congratulations to Adriana Skinner, MHA, MBA, Service Line Operations Manager in the UTMB Health System. She was first to recognize the Physician Office Building II lobby at the Angleton-Danbury Campus.

Providing Solutions and Support for Unique Pediatric Needs

Treating pediatric patients with developmental and behavioral disorders is dynamic work that requires strong listening skills, intuition, deductive reasoning, and mental agility. The Advanced Practice Providers in Pediatric Developmental and Behavioral Health describe it as both challenging and fulfilling.

A Novel Approach to Minimally Invasive Hysterectomy at UTMB

Once considered a major abdominal surgery with a long recovery period, modern approaches to hysterectomy aim to complete the procedure with minimal pain, recovery time, and cosmetic effects. With these goals in mind, UTMB has recently introduced a novel approach called vNOTES.

2024 Emergency Preparedness Information

Every year as hurricane season approaches, the Gulf Coast region goes into preparation mode. But everyone at UTMB understands that emergencies affecting our work, families, or homes can happen at any time and at any of our locations throughout the state.


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