President’s Cabinet Awards 

For more than 30 years, the President's Cabinet has provided a vehicle for UTMB and the community to work together to support these promising initiatives to improve health and well-being.

AHEC Community Health Worker (CHW) Training Program

Mary Wainwright
Leslie Hargrove
Division of Community Outreach

The Area Health Education Center (AHEC) headquartered at UTMB trained community members to educate and support people in their own neighborhoods about healthier lifestyles in a culturally and linguistically competent manner. This cadre of community health workers (CHWs) helped clients throughout Galveston County navigate the health care system. President’s Cabinet funds supported the training component and purchased outreach kits for community-based interventions and education programs. Kits contained a stethoscope, blood pressure monitor, glucose monitor, general supplies and educational aids. Overall this well-trained CHW workforce was called upon to assist organizations in Galveston County to expand delivery of health care and follow-up with patients.

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