Emergency Preparedness is a year-round effort

Jun 21, 2016, 14:42 PM by Stephen Hadley
The start of the Atlantic hurricane season on June 1 provides another opportunity for UTMB and its employees to ensure that emergency preparations are up-to-date.

While hurricanes can be a most destructive force, UTMB locations and employees have dealt with numerous other emergencies in recent years, including ice storms, floods, utility outages and other disruptions that can have a seriously detrimental effect on both the workplace and personal lives.

The 2016 annual UTMB Emergency Preparedness Meeting was held on April 27 in Galveston. The one-hour meeting, led by Vice President and Chief Medical Officer Selwyn O. Rogers and live-streamed via webcast, offered those in attendance a chance to learn more about how decisions are made when a storm enters the Gulf, the outlook for the 2016 season, your responsibilities as an individual student or employee, and how the university will communicate with you before, during and after a storm.

“In fact, we are always in disaster preparedness mode,” Rogers said at the outset of the meeting.

In an emergency, UTMB activates its Incident Command structure to make decisions based on the specifics of the emergency and how they develop. Incident Command includes leaders from a broad range of departments that have direct responsibility for critical business operations. Led by an appointed Incident Commander and in coordination with other agencies when appropriate, the group makes UTMB’s official decisions about the emergency response, including if and when to dismiss students and employees. The group’s decisions are communicated in a variety of ways depending on the severity of the emergency, including email to academic program leaders, managers or all employees; our UTMB Alerts service; the Alerts website; iUTMB; and social media, as appropriate. UTMB offers a number of emergency preparedness resources to help employees plan on the job and at home.

Visit www.utmb.edu/emergency_plan to view materials from the 2016 UTMB Emergency Preparedness Meeting, preparedness checklists, related forms and emergency-related policies.

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