About Legal Affairs

Legal Affairs is one of three departments within the Office of Legal and Regulatory Affairs under the direction of the Senior Vice President and General Counsel. The Department of Legal Affairs provides legal counsel and represents the entire Institution on a wide range of issues involving operations, transactions, litigation management, public information requests and international affairs. Through an experienced and qualified professional team, the department strives to provide highly competent, clear, consistent, practical and timely work-product. In sum, Legal Affairs promotes the best interests of the Institution and protects against potential liabilities.


The Department provides drafting, research, review, analysis and advice to the Institution in the following areas:

  • Contracts/Agreements/Transactions
  • Employment/Human Resources/Personnel Matters
  • Hospital/Clinical Operations
  • Intellectual Property
  • Academic Enterprise Operations & Student Matters
  • Medical Liability and Litigation Management
  • International Affairs
  • Texas Public Information Act
  • General Health Law

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us at (409) 747-8738.