Legal Services

Institutional Services

The Department of Legal Affairs represents the institution and offers guidance on a wide range of issues, including operations, transactions, litigation management, international affairs and requests for public information. Counsel supporting each of these areas is described below. In addition to these services, the department researches the law, prepare opinions, and provides advice for administrative offices and academic entities based on applicable federal and state laws and regulations, UT System Board of Regents Rules, and UTMB Institutional Policies. The department also assists in analyzing and advising on the legal implications of policy decisions.

Institutional Counsel includes:

  • Regulatory and Governance Matters
  • Employee Matters
  • Student Matters
  • Civil Rights Matters
  • Participation on advisory councils
  • Policy Boards, committees and various related duties

Litigation Services

Most of the lawsuits filed against UTMB are federal civil rights cases filed by prisoners confined in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice against UTMB-Correctional Managed Care employees, whose defense is handled by the office of the Texas Attorney General. Other litigation addresses employment matters or claims of medical malpractice. The Department of Legal Affairs represents the institution by assisting trial counsel at all phases of litigation. Legal Affairs staff aids defense counsel in a variety of ways, including assembling records, interviewing witnesses, drafting pleadings, attending mediation and coordinating at trial.

Transactional Services

Legal Affairs assists institutional departments with advice, legal review, and technical support to execute agreements, contracts, amendments, renewals, leases and licenses in the areas of:

  • Purchasing [when referred from Purchasing for direct consult by Legal]
  • Professional Service Agreements [Clinical] – Legal review is coordinated through Academic Enterprise and/or Health System leadership processes after predicate business plan is approved
  • Operational Initiatives
  • Joint Ventures
  • Limited Intellectual Property [Office of Technology Transfer also manages specific matters]
  • Research agreements
  • Academic Agreements – Affiliation and Program Agreements – reviewed in coordination with either Academic Enterprise or Health System areas accordingly.
  • Coordination with internal clients to assure proper management under applicable laws and rules, and appropriate referral to UT System Office of General Counsel for guidance and support related to: Debt Collection; Construction; Real Estate [Leases; Purchase/Sale]

Public Information Requests

Under provisions of the Texas Public Information Act ("PIA"), (Texas Government Code, Chapter 552), the Chancellor and the President of each U.T. System component institution are the officers for public information. The President may delegate this authority under the PIA to another UTMB employee who will serve as the UTMB Public Information Officer.

Please visit UTMB's Institutional Policy Handbook for further information regarding requesting public information.

Instructions on submitting a valid request for records under the Texas Public Information Act can be found on the UTMB's Open Records Statement website. Refer to the section entitled Procedures to Obtain Information.

International Services

The Office of International Affairs provides programs and services to enhance and facilitate the stay of international staff and students at UTMB. These programs are offered in support of institutional research, clinical, and educational endeavors. Professional services include, but are not limited to:

  • Immigration advising and visa processing
  • Orientation and education on matters relevant to the international population
  • Support of cross-cultural activities and experiences
  • Acting as liaison among university departments, government agencies, private organizations and the local community

Office of International Affairs

Administrative Services

The Department provides drafting, research, review, analysis and advice to the Institution in the following areas:

Case Management

Legal Affairs manages adjudicated tort claims in which the university is a party.

Contract Routing

The Legal Affairs Transaction in conjunction with Contracts Management Office, also facilitates routing of those documents that Legal has reviewed through financial approval, execution by signatory authority, and return to department.

Institutional Consent Agenda

Some contracts and other matters require approval by the UT System Board of Regents. These matters are reviewed at quarterly Board of Regents meetings. The institutional docket is the mechanism for seeking and (hopefully) obtaining Board of Regents approval, which is managed by Contracts Management Office.


Legal Affairs conducts or assists with periodic workshops, seminars, and training on a variety of legal topics.

Medical Malpractice/Risk Management

We provide services beyond medical malpractice defense-subpoenas, depositions, board complaints and insurance verification requests.