Our Staff

Diana V. Moreno
Executive Assistant

dvmoreno@utmb.edu, (409) 747-8728
Melissa E. Curtice
Senior Legal Secretary

mecurtic@utmb.edu, (409) 747-8750
Sylvia A. Gonzalez
Legal Secretary

syagonza@utmb.edu, (409) 747-8742
Becky M. Wilson
Senior Public Information Manager

bemwilso@utmb.edu, (409) 747-8747
Jennifer K. Osteen
Litigation Support Manager

josteen@utmb.edu, (409) 747-8725

Lori A. Chumley
Clerk III

lachumle@utmb.edu, (409) 266-9771

Erin D. Pennington
Senior Legal Assistant

edpennin@utmb.edu, (409) 747-8721

Alicia H. Stuart
Sr. Risk Management Specialist

ahstuart@utmb.edu, (409) 772-3388

Amanda B. Kuenstler
Risk Management Specialist

abkuenst@utmb.edu, (409) 772-5252


Legal Affairs Organization Chart

Listed above are the members of the Legal Affairs staff, their contact information and their primary areas of responsibility. While you should feel free to contact any staff member for assistance, this list will help you to determine whom to call if you do not already have an established contact within the office. You may also simply call the office at extension 78738 and you will be directed to the appropriate staff member.

Communications with office lawyers are protected by the privilege for attorney-client communications, and therefore are confidential, if they are made for the purpose of seeking legal advice on behalf of the university. Such communications can be revealed only to other university officials, on a need-to-know basis.

Although e-mail communications are protected by the attorney-client privilege to the same extent as communications made by other means, e-mail is not completely secure. We therefore encourage you to exercise appropriate discretion in using e-mail to communicate with us about sensitive matters.