Broadcasting Medical Discovery News

There is a new episode available weekly, 52 weeks a year. A radio station download page is available for our radio partners. 

Currently, the episodes are provided free of charge, however we require that UTMB and Quinnipiac University be acknowledged during the airing (included with every episode).

Contact us if you wish to broadcast Medical Discovery News. We will include your station name and call letters in our promotional material. Please specify the date and times the episodes are broadcast. Multiple broadcast dates/times are allowed. 

All audio and written materials are the property of and copyrighted to Dr. Norbert Herzog and Dr. David Niesel.

Who We Are

Medical Discovery News was envisioned by hosts Drs. Herzog and Niesel in 2005. Both have had long careers as research scientists working in infectious disease and as graduate and medical school educators. They met early in their careers at the University of Texas Austin in the early 1980s. Both have recently retired, Dr. Niesel from UTMB, Galveston and Dr. Herzog from both UTMB and Quinnipiac University, Hamden, CT. Dr. Herzog is an emeritus professor at both UTMB and Quinnipiac and Dr. Niesel is an adjunct professor at UTMB. 

Both professors have a passion for communicating scientific and medical discoveries to the public. They have developed an entertaining style that is informative to non-scientists. They often warn listeners – “Watch out, you just might learn something."