K.MasterovaKseniya Masterova
Year in Program: GY1
Undergrad University: Loyola University Chicago
Mentor: TBD
Graduate Program: TBD

Kseniya Masterova

My research interests are in understanding, managing, and finding solutions to the medical challenges of human spaceflight, and the clinical applications of those solutions to life on Earth.
  • Loyola University Chicago Pre-Health Award- November 2015
  • Sigma Pi Sigma Award for Excellence in Physics- May 2016
  • Graduated Cum Laude from Loyola University Chicago- May 2016
  • Jeffrey R. Davis Space Medicine Scholarship- May 2017
  • Masterova, K., Sethi, A., Anderson, D., Prabhu, V., Rusu, I., Gros, S. and Melian, E. (2016), SU-F-T-638: Is There A Need For Immobilization in SRS? Med. Phys., 43: 3610–3611. doi:10.1118/1.4956823
  • Initiation to Leadership Development in Aerospace Medicine- a Student’s Perspective
    May 2017, Aerospace Medicine Association Annual Meeting- Leadership Development Panel
  • Accounting for Gravity in Ocular Hemodynamics and Intraocular Pressure Modeling
    May 2017, Aerospace Medicine Association Annual Meeting
  • Colonoscopy Screening in the U.S. Astronaut Corps
    Feb 2016, NASA Human Research Program Investigators Workshop- Poster
  • Predicted and Observed Biological and Psychological Effects of the Early Space Flight Environment
    April 2015, Chicago Area Undergraduate Research Symposium- Poster