SOM Electives

Non-Clinical Electives

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Action Course No Title Department Director Duration Site
Display ANEU-4022Simulation Based Teaching for 2nd Year CVP CourseAnesthesiologyRonald Levy, MD4
Display BLHU-4001Online Clinical Conversational Spanish for English and Spanish Speaking Healthcare ProfessionalsBilingual HealthDr. Norma Perez4
Display BLHU-4003Clinical English/Spanish Interactive Language Exchange Course UTMB & UDEMBilingual HealthNorma A. Perez-Raifaisen, MD11 months
Display CEEU-4001Understanding HomelessnessDr. N. Miles Farr2
Display CEEU-4012Virtual Addiction Medicine - Part 1N. Miles Farr MD, MPH2
Display CEEU-4013Hybrid Addiction Medicine 2N. Miles Farr MD, MPH2
Display DERU-4007Skin Diseases Depicted in FilmRichard Wagner, MD4
Display DERU-4008History of DermatologyRichard Wagner, MD4
Display DERU-4011Skin Diseases in Modern World LiteratureRichard Wagner, MD4
Display DERU-4017Skin Diseases in Novels and FilmsRichard Wagner, MD4
Display FAMU-4060Long-Form Literature and the Practice of MedicineFamily MedicineJulie McKee, MD4
Display IMCU-4000Foundational Science IntegrationDr. Alison Wells8
Display INTL-4001Intensive Course in Tropical & Travel MedicineInternational HealthcareMiguel Cabada4
Display INTL-4004International Field EpidemiologyInternational HealthcareMelinda Tanabe, MD, MS4
Display INTL-4018Introduction to Tropical MedicineInternational HealthcareA. Clinton White, MD2
Display INTL-4055Global Health Governance, Diplomacy, and LeadershipInternational HealthcareDr. Hani Serag4
Display MEDU-4085Military Officer Training ElectiveInternal MedicineJoaquin Cortiella, MD4-8
Display MEDU-4090Social Medicine: Beyond Biological Basis of Health and DiseaseInternal MedicineHani Serag, MD, MPH4
Display MEDU-4096Caring for Patients with DisabilitiesInternal MedicineKaren Szauter, MD4
Display MEDU-4104Introduction to US Health Policy and FinancingInternal MedicinePeter Cram, MD4
Display MEDU-4120Endocrine Clinical Case Duos: Pairing up to understand and disseminate lessons learned in patient care Internal MedicineMaria Belalcazar, MD4
Display MEDU-4122Survey Course of the History of MedicineInternal MedicineMichael H. Malloy, MD4
Display MEDU-4159Write it Up! Crafting a Case Report for PublicationInternal MedicineDr. Karen Szauter2
Display OBGU-4054Introduction to the World of InfertilityOB/GYNAmjad Hossain, PhD2
Display OBGU-4063Basics of Infertility OB/GYNAmjad Hossain, Ph.D.1
Display OBGU-4064Sexual MedicineOB/GYNAmjad Hossain, PhD 1
Display OBGU-4065Dive Deep Into Gynecologic InvestigationsOB/GYNAmjad Hossain, PhD and Perry Fulcher, MD2
Display OBGU-4066Fundamentals of Human IVFOB/GYNAmjad Hossain, PhD2
Display OTOU-4008Unbeatable OtolaryngologyOtolaryngologyHarold Pine, MD4
Display PEDU-4051Pediatric Medical Summer Camp ExperiencePediatricsElizabeth Rodriguez Lien, M.D.4
Display PEDU-4074Pediatric AdvocacyPediatricsMelissa Smith-Phillips, MD4
Display PHTU-4005Physician Healer Concentration Reading ElectiveSusan Gerik, MD4
Display PMCU-4001Public Health in the CommunityPMCHDenny Fe Agana, PhD, MPH, CPH & Leslie Stalnaker, MPH4
Display PMCU-4004Principles of Aviation & Space MedicinePMCHRonak Shah, DO, MBA, MPH4
Display PSYU-4030Diagnosing Simply Through Movies---Learning the DSM5 Through Popular Films and TVPsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesDerek Neal, MD4
Display PSYU-4046Psychiatry and the CinemaPsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesDerek Neal, MD4
Display PSYU-4057Mental Health Recovery in Galveston-Houston AreaPsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesJoseph Shotwell, MD4
Display PSYU-4071Psychiatric DiagnosisPsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesKimberly Grayson, MD4
Display PSYU-4075Reproductive PsychiatryPsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesKimberly Grayson, MD2