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   Student Self-Created Electives

Please be aware of the rules below before submitting a Student Created Elective.

  • Elective has to be done off campus (Non-UTMB Campus)
  • Students are required to find their own mentor before submitting an elective.
  • An elective will need to be submitted at least 12 weeks prior to start date. Anything submitted after 12 weeks will not be accepted.
  • No student can use a family member as their mentor.
  • Electives Committe Approval.
  • Faculty Vetting.
  • Affiliation Agreements.
  • WOS appointments (COVID vaccination cards.)
  • B-Form (enrollment services) — Contact Person. Check TMB website, Board Certified, Criminal Background check, etc...
  • Contact Chelsea Tippit ( for further questions.

    CLICK HERE to go to the Student-Created Elective Submission-Form.