Electives Review

2 Week Electives

Students must submit a C-Form before enrolling in a 2-week elective. Electives that are offered as a 2-week course are listed below:

Action Course No Title Department Director Duration
Display CEEU-4001Understanding HomelessnessDr. N. Miles Farr2
Display CEEU-4002Community Medicine Clinical Immersion IN. Miles Farr, MD, MPH2
Display CEEU-4003Community Medicine Clinical Immersion IIN. Miles Farr, MD, MPH2
Display CEEU-4004Advanced Community Medicine Clinical Immersion IN. Miles Farr, MD, MPH2
Display CEEU-4005Advanced Community Medicine Clinical Immersion IINorman Miles Farr, MD, MPH2
Display CEEU-4012Virtual Addiction Medicine - Part 1N. Miles Farr MD, MPH2
Display CEEU-4013Hybrid Addiction Medicine 2N. Miles Farr MD, MPH2
Display DERU-4055Dermatology Consults 2 week electiveAnthony Linfante, MD2
Display DERU-4056Dermatopathology 2 week electiveBrent Kelly, MD2
Display EMEU-4004Emergency Medicine Point-Of-Care-Ultrasound - 3rd Year (2-week Elective)Emergency MedicineJeremy Carter, DO2
Display FAMU-4063Introduction to Research in Underserved and Underrepresented PopulationsFamily MedicineSamuel Mathis, MD2
Display FAMU-4064Substance use in Primary CareFamily MedicineErnst Nicanord, MD2
Display INTL-4018Introduction to Tropical MedicineInternational HealthcareA. Clinton White, MD2
Display MEDU-4044Clinical Allergy-Immunology - Year 3Internal MedicineJennifer McCracken M.D. & Julia Tripple2
Display MEDU-4045Clinical Pulmonary Medicine - Year 3Internal MedicineMohammed Zaidan, M.D.2
Display MEDU-4046Clinical Rheumatology - Year 3Internal MedicineVijaya Murthy, M.D. 2
Display MEDU-4048Outpatient Gastroenterology/Hepatology-Year 3Internal MedicineGabriel Reep, MD2
Display MEDU-4095Community Practice, Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine Internal MedicineRadheshyam Bhatt, MD2
Display MEDU-4126The Heart CenterInternal MedicineMohamed Shalaby, MD2
Display MEDU-4159Write it Up! Crafting a Case Report for PublicationInternal MedicineDr. Karen Szauter2
Display NEUU-4052Clinical NeurophysiologyNeurologyElena Shanina, MD2
Display NEUU-4053Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery: from Basics to Bedside NeurologyAaron Mohanty, MD2
Display NEUU-4055Vascular NeurologyNeurologyElena Shanina, MD2
Display OBGU 4034Enriching Knowledge and Skills for Vaginal DeliveryOB/GYNChasey Omere, MD; Amjad Hossain, PhD2
Display OBGU-4054Introduction to the World of InfertilityOB/GYNAmjad Hossain, PhD2
Display OBGU-4061Enriching Gyn Ultrasound Knowledge and Skill for entering to ResidencyOB/GYNIvette F. Gordon, MD & Amjad Hossain, Ph.D.2
Display OBGU-4065Dive Deep Into Gynecologic InvestigationsOB/GYNAmjad Hossain, PhD and Perry Fulcher, MD2
Display OBGU-4066Fundamentals of Human IVFOB/GYNAmjad Hossain, PhD2
Display OBGU-4071Cervical Dysplasia: Diagnosis, Methodologies and ManagementOB/GYNYvette F. Gordon, MD and Amjad Hossain, PhD2
Display OPHU-4031Help, My Patient Has an Eye Problem! How to Assess Eyeballs in the ER and HospitalOphthalmology & Visual SciencesMisha Syed, MD, MEHP & Aishat Adebayo, Md2
Display ORSU-4001Applied Orthopedics Principles in Lower Extremity SurgeryOrthopaedic SurgeryJie Chen, MD2
Display ORSU-4002Orthopedic TraumaOrthopaedic SurgeryJohn Hagedorn, MD2
Display ORSU-4031Introduction to Shoulder and Elbow SurgeryOrthopaedic SurgeryJeremy Somerson, MD2
Display ORSU-4032Introduction to Orthopedic Spine SurgeryOrthopaedic SurgeryPouya Alijanipour, MD2
Display ORSU-4033Hand and Wrist Evaluation and ManagementOrthopaedic SurgeryJohn J. Faillace, MD, FAAOS2
Display ORSU-4034Introduction to Foot & Ankle SurgeryOrthopaedic SurgeryVinod Panchbhavi, MD2
Display OTOU-4009Inpatient OtolaryngologyOtolaryngologyHarold Pine, MD2
Display OTOU-4010Pediatric OtolaryngologyOtolaryngologyHarold Pine, MD2
Display PATU-4031Fundamentals of Molecular Genetics and GenomicsPathologyJianli Dong, MD, PhD2
Display PEDU-4080Exploring Developmental Behavioral PediatricsPediatrics Alexa Coon, DO2
Display PEDU-4107Clinical Genetics Elective (year 3)PediatricsJoseph Ray, MD2
Display PSYU-4075Reproductive PsychiatryPsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesKimberly Grayson, MD2
Display RADU-4025Radiology Essentials OnlineRadiologyMaryamnaz Falamaki, M.D.2
Display RONU-4003General Oncology CurriculumRadiation OncologySandra Hatch, MD2
Display SURU-4066Pediatric UrologySurgeryJonathan Gerber, MD2
Display SURU-4067Minimally Invasive Surgery ElectiveSurgeryRichard Lu, MD2
Display SURU-4068Thoracic SurgerySurgeryDr. Roman Petrov2
Display SURU-4069Comprehensive Approach to Vascular Surgery SurgeryChristine Shokrzadeh, MD2
Display SURU-4071Trauma and Acute Care SurgerySurgeryDiana Arellano, MD2