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About the MSF





Director: William Russell, PhD
Location: 2.234 Basic Science Building
Lab: (409) 772-6338
Office: 409-772-3579

The UTMB Mass Spectrometry Facility (MSF) provides qualitative and quantitative proteomic, lipidomic and metabolomic support using ultraperformance liquid chromatographs coupled to tandem mass spectrometers (LC-MS/MS). With its diverse set of scientists and instrumentation the MSF can support a wide range of basic science experiments, and with its capacity the MSF can support clinical studies.  The MSF provides researchers access to $5 million in instrumentation and a staff of five scientists (four PhD) with more than 50 years of mass spectrometry experience.

The MSF Core occupies approximately 2700 sq ft of research space and 745 sq ft of space for data analysis or offices on the second floor of the Libbie Moody Thompson Basic Science Building.  Founded in 1982 as the Biomedical Resource Facility under the direction of Dr. Alexander Kurosky, the laboratory has evolved to focus on mass spectrometry based “omics” qualitative and quantitative characterization of proteins, metabolites, and lipids, under the direction of Dr. William Russell since 2015.   The MSF has served over a 150 PIs during the last 5 years and serves as the proteomics hub for the Gulf Coast Center for Precision Environmental Health and is the CPRIT funded Targeted Proteomics and Metabolomics Mass Spectrometry Core Facility at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.  The Facility is available for use by the entire UTMB research community, as well as National and International Investigators and their laboratories. 

The Mass Spectrometry Facility is supported in part by Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) grant number RP190682, please acknowledge this funding in your publications. 

1.106 Libbie Moody Thompson Basic Science Building
301 University Boulevard
Galveston, Texas 77555-0635