MALDI/TOF/TOF 5800 (Sciex)

This instrument is used obtain molecular masses of peptides, proteins, lipids, nucleic acids and polymers from 200Da to 100kDa.  It can also be used for peptide fragmentation and protein identification.



Triple TOF 5600+ (Sciex)

This system is an innovation in LC/MS/MS performance that combines high sensitivity detection, high resolution with fast acquisition speed, and stable mass accuracy over days of acquisition. It has unique features for proteomics: MS/MSALL with SWATH™ Acquisition, MRMHR and so on.




QTRAP 6500 (Sciex)

This system merges triple quadrupole and linear ion trap capabilities to provide the industry standard in sensitivity and selectivity. It offers ultimate sensitivity for selected reaction monitoring (SRM) for quantitation studies in proteomics research.




Orbitrap Fusion (Thermo)

The Fusion is a high performance system that provide high resolution and high mass accuracy for analysis of compounds ranging from small molecules to proteins.