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Small Molecules Analysis

MSF has a number of established targeted metabolomic and lipidomics analyses, as listed above. Assays are available for absolute or relative quantification. We can accommodate sample matrices of all kinds, including cell culture, plasma, tissue, and more. Samples may be sent either pre-processed from your individual research labs, or raw samples may be sent to MSF to be processed by our research staff. Samples sent to MSF are extracted and derivatized, as required, followed by LC-MS analysis. Our targeted analyses are primarily performed on an Agilent 1260 Infinity UHPLC system and SCIEX QTRAP 6500 mass spectrometer, using SCIEX Analyst software for instrument control and data collection. Other instrumentation or software will be used as required or requested depending on the research objectives. Following data collection, we will process and analyze your data to create a high-level summary of the data for easy interpretation and understanding.

Custom analyses for metabolites or lipids of interest are also available on request.

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