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Medical Staff ServicesJohn Sealy Annex Room 7.122
Hours of Operation: Mon. - Thurs. 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. | Fri. 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Dear Medical Staff Member: 

Thank you for visiting the Medical Staff Services website. This department acts as a liaison between more than 1,600 members of the medical staff and the UTMB Health System's associated hospitals and clinics.

It is our intent to use this site as a mechanism to communicate with you regarding policies, procedures, and expectations; but, equally important, we would like it to evolve to serve as a conduit for processing your medical staff applications and requests for privileges in the future. Additionally, this site can serve as a tool for improved communication regarding projects and executive decisions that impact you, our customers.

  • Contact Us - Each clinical department and division have a dedicated Credentialing Specialist in this office whose primary goal is to provide you with great customer service and help you navigate through the credentialing, privileging, and performance evaluation processes.
  • Medical Staff Committees- members of these committees serve to balance your interest with those of UTMB and regulatory agencies.
  • ePrivileges- this system allows you to search either by practitioner name or by the name of the privilege itself.
  • MD-Query (view instructions)
  • Medical Staff Application Fees:
    • NEW! Applicants may pay online.
    • Departments may also still use this spreadsheet when paying initial or annual medical staff dues for medical staff members within their respective department. Completed spreadsheets should be returned to Aimee Nackos.

    Initial Appointment Fee: 

    $100, Non-refundable fee due at the time of initial application submission to UTMB Medical Staff Services.    

    Reappointment Fee*:

    $100 - For reappointments every three (3) years.

Thank you for your service to UTMB!